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Morning Matka Result : Hello friends, you are very welcome in our article, today we will talk about Prabhat Matka, friends, if you have not seen our previous articles like – Madhur Matka , Golden Matka , Rajdhani Matka and DP Boss , then you have not read articles like First you read them and if friends you do not even know what is Satta Matka then let us tell you about it in short . are |  

Prabhat Matka

As if you are in it then you have to take a number in it which will cost some money, after taking that number you have to wait for the result to come, if the result is declared then you are declared the winner. The same  is called Satta Matka, friends, the more money you see in it, the more risk is considered in this game, in the greed of earning more money, many people put more money in it and then they have to face very bad defeat, so Friends, yes, we explain this to you in every article.

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If you are making your move in this game, then be very careful because friends, one wrong step of yours can destroy your financial situation, it is considered a great stupidity to invest money in the affair of excessive greed, which is Most of the people do in the game and we have also seen many people who come here depending on luck and invest their money, friends, it is not that luck does not work in this, but luck works 20% in it. |

And the work of your brain is 80%, we have already told you this thing in previous articles also, if you want to win this game, then you need a lot of experience, you need to take many experienced people with you in this. Friends, this game is catching up very fast online as compared to offline, yes friends, now this game has also become online, the number of people playing online has increased much more than the people playing offline.

Because friends, now you can play this game very comfortably even sitting at home, talking about its result, you will get its result on a website like DP Boss, friends, DP Boss is also a Satta Matka website, here you will get the results of all the games . You will meet at your own time. Let us tell you about  Prabhat Matka, if you want to know about Prabhat Matka , then please stay with our article till the end.

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What is Prabhat Matka?

Talking about Matka with friends, Prabhat Matka is a game which has gained a lot of momentum from the beginning, within a day or two of its arrival, people started investing money in it, compared to others, it has not stopped in its group till now. As it is seen in other games that after the game comes, it runs a little in Shiroda, but Prabhat Matka is not like this; People invest money.

If we talk about playing online, then friends, here most of the people play this game by hiding their ID to avoid legal, yes friends, if we have not told you this, then you tell that this satta matka is an illegal game for that . The punishment has also been announced by the government, the person playing it can be punished, but due to being online, now the government is not able to get much hold on this game, people are enjoying it a lot and earning a lot of money.

But it was not like this, in offline we had to go to any shop or office located at any place and check the result, but you are sitting at home, even the government is not able to take any action. There were some reasons for the government to declare it illegal, friends, the first reason was its addiction, friends, talk about its addiction, many people get addicted to it after losing, after winning, many people get their money immersed in it. Many times they invest more money and many people invest money in it to earn more money.  

And the second was its effect on mental and economic condition, yes friends, if a person invests more money in it and drowns, then his mental economic condition is affected a lot and he does not go into mental depression, so friends are declared illegal. Has been done because it comes under the category of gambling.

Prabhat Chart Result – Prabhat Chart Result (1:30 PM-3:00 PM)

datesPrabhat Matka result
10-Jun-22  129-22-570
09-Jun-22  699-48-125
08-Jun-22  677-08-567
07-Jun-22  677-08-567
06-Jun-22  345-27-359
05-Jun-22  ,
04-Jun-22  223-70-280
03-Jun-22  149-45-357
02-Jun-22  399-16-277
01-Jun-22  249-59-270
31-May-22 890-74-356
30-May-22 359-79-225
29-May-22 ,
28-May-22 289-94-789
27-May-22 356-43-670
26-May-22 358-66-349
25-May-22 470-13-490
24-May-22 889-51-470

Morning Day Chart – Morning Matka Result

63   60   401376   75
8996   88   96   09   99
00   70   73   36   08   62
14   99   70   19   5998
77   3556   99   44   30
71   49   38   84   84   62
18   1651   05   21   88
63   14   4220   54   84
32   04   69   07   16   91
68   48   09   31   78   45
00   31   27   78   8104
3255   33   117730
477565   31   39   50
79   6854   80   55   18
,    86   82   77   ,    48

Prabhat Matka TimeTable – Time Table of Prabhat Matka

Matka MarketOpening HoursClosed Time Days
Prabhat Matka      1:30 p.m.     3:30 p.m.      
morning night       07:30 PM   08:45 PM   Mon To Sat
Kalyan Matka03:45 PM   05:45 PM   Mon To Fri
Rajdhani Night09:25 PM   11:50 AM    
Main mumbai9:35PM    12:05am   
Ratan Morning12:30PM   02:30 PM    
madhur night       08:35PM   10:35 AM   Mon To Sat
Kalyan Bazar09:45 AM   11:50 AM   Mon To Fri
KALYAN MARKET DAY04:30 PM   06:30 PM   daily
KALYAN MARKET NIGHT10:00 AM   12:10 AM   daily

How much money can be earned in Prabhat Matka?

Friends, if we talk about money, then there is no limited number in this, you can earn any amount of money in this, the more money you invest, you will get it many times after winning the money, there should be no doubt of any kind in this. One who has experience in this game, I know how much money he should invest in it and how much not.

But nowadays some new people come to invest money in it and invest more money in it than their capacity in the greed that they will get many times of it but it does not happen every time, they lose even after taking a lot of risk in this game. But an experienced person knows when and how much money I have to invest in it and according to his own understanding, he invests money in it after finding out the scene of the game and wins many times more money from it.

If we are talking about earning money, then friends, Kalyan Bhagat ji has earned the most money in this, in whose name a matka has also been started, where friends are the biggest connoisseurs of this game, Kalyan Bhagat ji, who from the beginning till now Earned a lot of money and like people, he did not try his luck here, nor did he invest much money, he first took experience and stepped into it only after knowing all the things, Kalyan Bhagat ji and experienced people got good information about this game. By taking this, I spread my foot in it and earned a lot of money.


Friends, we hope that you have got to know a lot from our article about Prabhat Matka, friends, we want to clear one more thing from you that we do not have any relation with this article, the government has declared it illegal and we Respect the government, if you want to play this game, then you can play at your own risk and responsibility.

If you have any kind of doubt from our ID house, please ask in our comment box. Thank you very much for staying in our article till the end. If you want to know more information, please visit our website keep visiting